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Entrepreneurship: it’s not only about who you are…but also where you are

What do you need to promote entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurially motivated people or an entrepreneurial culture? Both? …not really, one might just be enough. The question why some societies are more entrepreneurial than others has been asked for about a century in the social sciences. The question why some individuals are more entrepreneurial than others is even older. To answer both questions separately there is a…Continue readingEntrepreneurship: it’s not only about who you are…but also where you are

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Business plan or business wish list?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is not possible to develop a business plan for every business idea. If you are in the disruptive-innovation arena playing the new product–unknown market game, for example, developing a business plan may be just time wasted. People like Richard Branson, Steve Blank, Pierre Omidyar o Saras Sarasvathy, among others, have expressed their…Continue readingBusiness plan or business wish list?