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Dr. Saras Sarasvathy explains what effectuation is (open access).

Magazine articles

Effectuation: cuando la incertidumbre es un recurso

How great entrepreneurs think? (open access) 

Research articles

What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial? – Saras Sarasvathy (open access).

Effectuation, an emergent theory of entrepreneurship – towards a mature stage of the development.

Opening the Black Box of Effectuation Processes: Characteristics and Dominant Types (open access).

The ramifications of effectuation on biases in entrepreneurship – Evidence from a mixed-method approach.

On the value of effectuation processes for R&D alliances and the moderating role of R&D alliance experience

What to do next? The case for non-predictive strategy.

Weaving network theory into effectuation: A multi-level reconceptualization of effectual dynamics


Magazine articles

Five Insights into Intrapreneurship. Deloitte (open access)

Research articles

Increasing quantity without compromising quality: How
managerial framing affects intrapreneurship.
(open access).

Intrapreneurship: Construct refinement and cross-cultural validation.

An individual-level perspective on intrapreneurship: a review and ways forward (open access).

Intrapreneurship: Productive and Non-Productive


Intrapreneurship: Managing Ideas within Your Organization.


Magazine articles

Estrategia e incertidumbre. Cuando el paradigma ya no es suficiente